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Friday, 13 March 2020

Interesting Facts John Juanda King Poker from Medan

Playing poker doesn't always bankrupt you? in fact there are successful poker players. And from those from the grassroots, there are also those who become successful wealthy poker players. Playing land poker or online poker can indeed be successful and many players deliberately pursue playing poker as their livelihood.

But here we will not provide information about online poker gambling yes guys I will here provide information about facts about professional poker players who have been successful and this time I will provide information about Interesting Facts about John Juanda King Poker from Medan. Immediately, below is this fact.

Interesting Facts John Juanda King Poker from Medan

Get 15 thousand US Dollars in his first professional poker tournament

John Juanda is listed as starting to explore reliable poker championships since 1999. At that time, he listed his name in the 9th queue of World Series of Poker (WSOP) invitations in America.

In the invitations which he had won 5 times, Juanda ruled over the winner in the amount of USD 15 thousand. 4 months after that, at a similar championship, the man who took the nickname JJ on the poker table, finished in line 7 and ruled over the prize of 399,600 US Dollars.

During the summer of 2000, Juanda produced himself like a rising star in a reliable poker championship when he successfully finished a total of 6 times. At the invitation of the US Poker Championship in Atlantic City, he successfully finished in the second queue and ruled over cash of 159,000 US dollars.

Born of Parents Who Are Also a Gambler

Playing cards and poker games have made an impression on John Juanda's memories since he was a child. The first child of 4 siblings often looked at his father playing or betting gambling.

The thing that he really remembers is his habit of always drinking alcohol when betting again. The impact of drinking alcohol when betting, the father often takes failure.

The poor memory made Juanda not have time to drink alcohol when competing in poker. Even though he doesn't drink, this man who holds a JJ always orders drinks. The drink is then handed over to his opponent.

In Juanda, the father always reminded him not to bet. But the warning was not heeded. Especially now that Juanda has become a respected real money poker player.

The Beginning of Knowing Gambling While Still Sitting on a Bench Elementary School

When he was little, John Juanda did not find the care and affection of his parents. When his parents traveled to other cities, Juanda was small and her three siblings were left to their grandparents in Medan.

Earth gambling was experienced by Juanda when she leaned on the elementary school chair. When he uses a form of red and white, he is looking for money by playing marbles.

Juanda after that became an early Indonesian who won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) invitation 5 times. Of the 5 times won WSOP invitation, Juanda successfully accumulated prize money of USD 50 thousand

Start Knowing Poker Gambling While In America

Juanda began to understand the poker game when he went on an expedition to America to continue his undergraduate study in 1990. On the plane, his fellow friends introduced the game using playing cards.

After coming to America, precisely in Oklahoma City, Juanda was not fluent in English but he knew how to play poker.

After completing his undergraduate study at Oklahoma State, this man from Ajang, North Sumatra, after that continued his Masters at Seattle University. After obtaining his MBA title in 1996, Juanda sorted poker as his livelihood.

Retired playing poker, John Juanda Plans to Provide Free Medical Treatment

John Juanda confirmed that all his victories in poker invitation all the earth is not free from the stirring of God. For that, as a form of being able to love, Juanda plans to provide maintenance of free medicine when he retires playing poker.

The first child of 4 siblings said, what God gave him was not free from the profession like a trader of the Bible that he had done. When he was studying for S2 at Seattle University, Juanda sold the Bible from door to door to load his free time.

Above are Interesting Facts about John Juanda King Poker from Medan. Hopefully this inspires you.

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